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Angie's Country Miniature Pinschers is seeking fellow Miniature Pinscher lovers in search of a new puppy to love and care for!!
 Please read this full page if you are considering one of my pups.....

About us, Our breeders, and adopting one of our pups!!!

Hi, my name is Angie and I am very passionate about this intelligent, energetic, and brave breed.

My family and I raise these little ones for the fun times and enjoyment. We do not breed as a source of income for us and we give back profits to other animals or families in need of a lending hand. My husband does well enough that we can help others and buy things for the new pups and our breeders.

Puppies come home with many basic started items that every puppy needs to go home. All pups get a collar, leash , treats, blanket, toys, clothes, and whatever else I may see that is cute or fits their personality.

All pups have their tails docked, dewclaws removed, strict deworming schedule, and are kept current with vaccinations until they come home.

They are introduced to litter training very early and generally have it down before they leave their birth home. Basic commands are initiated in the final weeks if the pup responds.

My breeders and their litters are AKC registry and I provide a health guarantee for each new puppy. I breed with the best of intentions and in good faith.

A puppy folder full of information on your new pup is also included and I provide the microchip if interested, but do not chip the whole litter. I let the new owner decide.

I do not recommend ear cropping, it is not needed in the AKC show ring anymore. Too many young pups lose there life getting their ears cropped and is not necessary to fit standards.

Being a homemaker allows me to spend the necessary time needed for activities used in brain development and we take plenty of time to get socialized with other animals, people. 

 I sell all my pups with limited registration unless full registration is requested. I am willing to share my bloodlines with the right people and it is my responsibility to not let unethical, monetary driven breeding to occur with my lines. Breeding done only with the thought of the money to be gained is damaging to the breeders and their litters. The whole breed will suffer if there is too many irresponsible breeders.

Being a breeder you are responsible for keeping your litters from being euthanized and left homeless. With that I add, that if you can not or will not care for the puppy taken from my home, that the pup be returned to it's birth home where he/she will remain unless a loving and caring new home is found. I understand things happen and we need to rehome animals, but there are options, I will always be an option for all the puppies born of my home.


Some of our favorite photos of our and previous litters!

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and Black/Rust 

References are available at your request, there is also a testimonial page. Just click on the tab above.

Our kennel is located in the eastern panhandle of WV. We are a short drive to 3 bordering states. MD, PA, VA

We look forward to meeting each new member of our K-9 family.